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Spring Is In The Air

I’m trying something new with today’s post and participating in my first blog link-up.

In Its Time

What is spring like where you live? Spring weather in New Jersey is crazy. Take today, for example, even though it is technically still winter. Our high temperature is near 70 degrees. Tonight, a cold front is coming through that will bring rain and possibly thunderstorms. Tomorrow morning, there is a good chance that the rain from tonight will be frozen. The high for tomorrow is around 30 degrees. Even with the changes in the temperatures, I love the weather of spring. It is always a welcome change from the frigid months of winter and also is an opportunity to look forward to the glorious warmth of summer.

What’s your favorite springtime accessory? I would have to say either my TOMS or a pair of flip-flops.

Do you have any springtime traditions? Go to Rita’s and get a free water ice on the first day of spring. The few years in college when I was not in the country for the first day of spring, I definitely missed going to Rita’s.
EDIT: I can’t believe I forgot to include our Easter pancake breakfast at church and family Easter dinner/Easter egg hunt! The Easter pancake breakfast is something that our family has done forever. We have a certain table where we always sit. My sister and I still manage to be the first ones in line, every year.

What is your favorite spring treat? Strawberry lemonade and Rita’s water ice, even though I enjoy them past springtime. Hmm, I wonder if Rita’s has a strawberry lemonade flavor…

Favorite spring holiday? Easter. I also consider my birthday to be a holiday, so I’m including that as well. 😉

What’s your favorite thing to do in the spring? I love being able to go outside without wearing 1548318 layers of clothing. I love having a nice day to go down the shore. I love that the days get longer. I love seeing flowers bloom.

And here’s bonus challenge for you over-achievers: find and capture your favorite sign of spring and tell us about the photo!


I took this photo in 2011, I believe, at one of the “I need to get off of campus” places (near my college) that I frequented.  There is one tree in particular that I have become quite fond of. Having the chance to come back and see that tree grow in different seasons allowed me to see myself in the growth.

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