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Spring Is In The Air

I’m trying something new with today’s post and participating in my first blog link-up.

In Its Time

What is spring like where you live? Spring weather in New Jersey is crazy. Take today, for example, even though it is technically still winter. Our high temperature is near 70 degrees. Tonight, a cold front is coming through that will bring rain and possibly thunderstorms. Tomorrow morning, there is a good chance that the rain from tonight will be frozen. The high for tomorrow is around 30 degrees. Even with the changes in the temperatures, I love the weather of spring. It is always a welcome change from the frigid months of winter and also is an opportunity to look forward to the glorious warmth of summer.

What’s your favorite springtime accessory? I would have to say either my TOMS or a pair of flip-flops.

Do you have any springtime traditions? Go to Rita’s and get a free water ice on the first day of spring. The few years in college when I was not in the country for the first day of spring, I definitely missed going to Rita’s.
EDIT: I can’t believe I forgot to include our Easter pancake breakfast at church and family Easter dinner/Easter egg hunt! The Easter pancake breakfast is something that our family has done forever. We have a certain table where we always sit. My sister and I still manage to be the first ones in line, every year.

What is your favorite spring treat? Strawberry lemonade and Rita’s water ice, even though I enjoy them past springtime. Hmm, I wonder if Rita’s has a strawberry lemonade flavor…

Favorite spring holiday? Easter. I also consider my birthday to be a holiday, so I’m including that as well. 😉

What’s your favorite thing to do in the spring? I love being able to go outside without wearing 1548318 layers of clothing. I love having a nice day to go down the shore. I love that the days get longer. I love seeing flowers bloom.

And here’s bonus challenge for you over-achievers: find and capture your favorite sign of spring and tell us about the photo!


I took this photo in 2011, I believe, at one of the “I need to get off of campus” places (near my college) that I frequented.  There is one tree in particular that I have become quite fond of. Having the chance to come back and see that tree grow in different seasons allowed me to see myself in the growth.

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March: The Celebrations Continue (Part Two)

To my few faithful readers: I apologize for the gap of time between my last entry being posted and this entry being posted. I will try to be more consistent in my writing and publishing from here on out!

I love dreaming. One dream that I hold in my  heart is to serve on the World Race (an 11 month mission trip to 11 different countries) someday. Many people who go on this trip get a lot of their gear from a store called REI. My dad goes to REI on occasion to purchase biking gear. World Race dreams aside, ever since I first heard of REI, I knew it was a store I would love to shop in. Camping gear, hiking gear, biking gear, fitness gear–what’s not for an outdoors-loving tomboy to enjoy? Every time we receive a catalog from REI or L.L. Bean in the mail, I flip through it, dreaming of the many adventures that can be had.

My dad needed to go up to REI one Saturday in March to pick up his bike, after getting it fitted with a new gadget. I did not have to work until that evening, so I was able to go with him to our nearest REI store (about an hour away). I was officially going as an interpreter of sorts–translating any tech-talk he didn’t understand for him–but I also knew that I was being given the opportunity to see a dream unfold in front of my eyes.

It’s not very often that my dad and I are able to just have one-on-one hangout time for half a day. My heart deeply treasured our conversations throughout the day. After we were done at REI, Dad and I went to lunch at Panera Bread. It was my first time eating at a Panera Bread. I had heard many good things about this restaurant from a plethora of people, and was excited to finally see what all the hype was about. Panera Bread did not disappoint, at all. The snow falling outside complemented the warm, cozy, and inviting environment of the restaurant. All in all, this day spent with Dad ranks as one of my favorite days spent with just Dad in recent memory.


* * *

One of my favorite annual traditions is getting free water ice from Rita’s on the first day of spring. It’s free water ice. How can there be anything wrong with that arrangement? The only way one could not enjoy free water ice is if someone has never had water ice. If that is you, I feel for you.  I celebrated the first day of spring with a friend from church. We did get our free water ice, but also simply enjoyed spending the day together. At one point, we were driving around and saw a beautiful sight of light breaking through the clouds. We were at a stop sign, and just stared at the sky, in awe of God. I took a photo, but the photo does no justice to what we saw.


Later on that evening, I found out that my cousin and her husband were expecting their first child! This cousin, only a year older than me, was one of my closest friends growing up. Their news brought great joy to my heart. 🙂

* * *

My life does not just revolve around fun activities with friends and family. I work part-time at Home Depot. In March 2013, I had worked there for just over two years. I had my annual review in March, even though I had gotten hired in February and should have had my review in February. My review went very well. It went well, just like every other review I’ve had at this job. That is, until I saw one word–a word that I had desired to see since my very first review, a word that I had worked very hard to earn it being said about me–“promotable.” Unfortunately, I did not write much about this occasion, as monumental as it was, because quite honestly, I was in a whirlwind of emotions and events that week. Seeing with my own eyes that all of my hard work was not in vain gave me much needed value and confidence.



Bridal showers are an opportunity to both celebrate and to dream. It’s a continued celebration of the lucky couple’s relationship and a chance to dream about the new adventures they are sure to experience in the newest chapter of their lives. My friend Krystle‘s wedding was in early May, so a Saturday in March was the best time to throw a bridal shower. She was not surprised about the shower–her maid of honor flew up from North Carolina to be part of it and stayed with Krystle. There were a few bumps in planning the shower, but in the end, everything worked out well.


Since Krystle’s maid of honor was unable to come up another weekend in between the bridal shower and the wedding, the bridal party surprised Krystle with her bachelorette night after the bridal shower was finished. We got manicures, drove to Krystle’s favorite restaurant in Ocean City for dinner, took a quick walk on the beach, and went back to her parent’s house for a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon (in which we all quoted most of the movie). One of the bridesmaids made us matching T-shirts and also decorated drink glasses for each of us. She did an amazing job, and those small touches made the evening more special. When we were in Ocean City, we ended up going to the beach just a couple of blocks away from where a group of ladies from my church were on a retreat. I joked about just walking in to say hello to them–and almost did–but decided to not intrude on what could very well have been a serious time of prayer or discussion. The night was simple, but sometimes it is the simple moments that are the most memorable.



A month of celebration is not complete without a birthday celebration. My cousin and wife had a combined birthday party for one of their sons and one of their daughters in the end of March. Their son had just turned one, and their daughter was about to turn nine. The theme of the day was cowboys and cowgirls. We all donned bandanas or straw hats as part of the festivities. Even though I am not able to see my cousin and his family on a regular basis (due to driving distance and my ever changing schedule), seeing his kids grow up brings great joy to my heart.



March’s celebrations were finished off with the celebration of the greatest event in human history–the celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. I attended our church’s Good Friday service, where our pastor shared about how the cross is not just a symbol of Christianity, the cross is also personal–to Jesus and to us. Easter celebrations started with an annual family tradition–a pancake breakfast at the church I grew up in. My sister and I still managed to be the first ones in line. 😉  After the pancake breakfast, I drove over to my current church, where I had breakfast number two. The sermon delivered by our pastor was about how Jesus was focused on going home to God the Father–to Daddy, to Papa. My notes that day end with “Your power comes in your relationship with God the Father.”  Little did I know in those moments how God would reveal His heart to me as my Heavenly Father throughout the rest of the year, in major ways. After church, I drove home for Easter dinner at our house. Our house was full of people, but to quote singer TobyMac, “Love is in the house and the house is packed.” I would much rather celebrate with a full house of love than an empty house of hate.



Whew, what a month!


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Signs of Spring

Winter is officially over! :] Even though snow is pretty to look at, I’m excited for seasons without snow and frigid temperatures. I’m happy that I can leave work at 7 pm and it not be completely dark outside.

There are a few ways I can know for sure that spring has arrived:

1.) Many customers decide to come purchase supplies for home renovations (aka I’m usually busy when I’m at work at The Home Depot)

Free water ice at Rita’s. To those of you who don’t have a Rita’s near you: You don’t know what you’re missing out on.

What sings of spring do you look for?

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