2013 In Review

2013 was an amazing year. There is no possible way that I can summarize this entire year in one blog post. My “2013” album on Facebook has close to 900 photos in it–memories of special moments–and that is with me showing restraint in uploading. I didn’t even include the album of one of the weddings I was in or the album of photo adventures from a day with a friend. 2013 has been full of joys, full of challenges, full of dreams coming true, full of new dreams being created. 2013 has been, without a doubt, a year of “immeasurably more.”  This year also had its share of difficulties and things not going as I had hoped or planned. The struggles and doubts of this year in no way negate the overflow of blessings that God gave me this year.

To kick off my come-back to blogging, I am taking a suggestion from my sister. As I ate breakfast this morning, she was working on a “2013 In Review” series for her blog. She then suggested that I do the same thing. I thought it over, and will be starting a series of posts that highlight the best parts of 2013.  Each entry will be about one month of 2013. If I had planned this out better (and had not been sick right before Christmas), I would have had one entry per day for the final 12 days of 2013. Real life happens, and I did not plan this out as well as I could have. Even so, the entries will be coming as soon as possible. I am excited to share about the goodness of this year!

Dandelion Sunset

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