World Cup

Finally, the 2011 Women’s World Cup is here!

The first two matches have been played, with Germany beating Canada 2-1 and France beating Nigeria 1-0. Even though Canada didn’t win, the fact that they got a goal in gives hope for other teams in the tournament. Why? Read this excerpt from

No clean sheet for Nadine
Germany goalkeeper Nadine Angerer went through the whole of China 2007 without conceding, a record she looked set to extend until Sinclair’s superb set-piece. In all, Angerer had gone 622 minutes without letting in a FIFA Women’s World Cup goal. An even higher total, 679 minutes, had elapsed since the Germans last conceded in the competition – against Sweden in the final at USA 2003, when Silke Rottenberg was between the posts

Germany is a very solid team and is favored to win this tournament, even without their home field advantage. They have won the past two World Cups.

Brazil is also a serious contender, even though they have not won a Women’s World Cup. That in and of itself is kind of amusing, since Brazil is such a powerhouse and everyone knows the success of the men’s team; Brazil is a country obsessed with soccer, and yet they have not won a Women’s World Cup.

I am still cheering for the US team, even though they were the last team to qualify for the tournament. FIFA still has them ranked as 1 in the world, but this tournament is crucial to the success of women’s soccer in America. A lot of people said that the 1999 World Cup was the most pivotal moment in women’s soccer. It was, I’m not doubting that. But the US team has a lot riding on it’s shoulders–the expectation to continue to be the best, the pressure to prove themselves now that “the veterans” are no longer playing, the responsibility of reminding a nation of what it is like to embrace women’s soccer.

I love soccer. I love World Cup time of the year. 🙂


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