30 Day Photo Challenge

I’m deciding to jump on this bandwagon, even if it is kind of late.

The challenge: A picture of yourself with 10 facts

The result:

10 facts:
1. My name is Susan, but I also answer to Suz or Aunt Susan (but only if you were my camper!!!)
2. I really don’t like being called Suzie, Suzie Q, Susanne, Sue, Susanna, etc. but I will answer to them, since I know the person talking really means Susan.
3. I started playing soccer in 1st grade.
4. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to serve the people of Exuma 3 times.
5. Bright colors make me very happy. That’s why my bedroom is bright orange, bright green, and bright blue.
6. Smiling is my favorite!! Seriously though, it is. I LOVE smiling.
7. I’m taller than my sister, even though she’s older than me.
8. I tend to correct the grammar of those around me and I look for grammatical errors when I am out in public.
9. Jesus has blessed me far more than I ever deserve.
10. I can eat grapes like they’re going out of style.

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One thought on “30 Day Photo Challenge

  1. I ❤ that I am such a trend-setter. PS I don't like the fact that you are taller. Way to rub it in ole ole ole 🙂

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