Philly sports <3

Today is a great day to be a Philly sports fan.  Not only did the Phils win 4-0 in their first game of the postseason, Roy Halladay threw a no-hitter.  This was the second no-hitter in MLB post season history (the first was in 1956).

In addition, the US WNT played a great game against China and tied 1-1. The stands at PPL Park were empty, but as I watched the game go on (watching from home on ESPN 2), I realized that most fans were either at the Bank watching the Phils or just watching the Phils from somewhere else.  It is definitely an interesting time to watch the USWNT, as most of the big names who made the team famous are retiring.  In a sense, the team is in a growing stage, but that does not mean that they are sub-par.  The face of women’s soccer in the US is changing and shows a ton of potential.  I was excited to see Kristine Lilly play, sad to hear that Bri Scurry has retired, and hopeful for the team as Alex Morgan scored the tying goal and her first international goal.

Even so, it’s such a great day to love sports in Philly. =]

In other news, a friend of mine from high school was in a very serious car accident yesterday morning.  He’s doing better, but still is in need  of a TON of prayer. Thanks.

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