Weddings and other girly stuff

Right now, my mom and sister are watching “Say Yes to the Dress,” and I’m in the next room listening.

The tomboy part of myself (the part that doesn’t even like wearing dresses or makeup or doing my hair) is cringing, knowing that I’m publicly writing about something that is so typically girly.

I have many friends who are either engaged or in a serious relationship that will most likely lead to an engagement. I also have friends my age who are already married (and some have kids). I, on the other hand, am very single. “Very single” meaning that there isn’t even anyone who I LIKE like (resorting back to elementary school language). Most days, I am completely content being single. There are some days when being single gets to me and I find myself wishing for someone to come sweep me off of my feet, etc.

It is on the days when I don’t want to be single that the meaning of this ring really plays out in my heart:
ani ledodi vedodi li

The ring, for those not familiar with Hebrew, says “ani ledodi vedodi li,” which translated means “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”

“Woah, woah woah. Aren’t you single!?! What’s all of this ‘beloved’ talk?”

Yes, I am single. The reason that I wear the ring is not because of the love that any guy has in his heart for me. This ring is a reminder that while I don’t have the loving arms of a guy around me, I have the loving arms of God around me, and that is far better than any earthly love. God’s love is a love that is extravagant, never-ending, sacrificial, breath-taking, inspiring, and so much more. His love gives me joy, even in the midst of pain. I can come to Him at anytime and tell Him anything. Nothing on this earth can or will satisfy me as much as He does. His love never changes, even when I try to live for myself.

I still am waiting for God to bring a man into my life to fall deeply in love with. Like most of the girls on the planet (even tomboys), I have ideas and dreams about my wedding. It won’t be a frilly wedding, but when it comes, I know that it will come at the right time. Until that happens, I’m going to keep living in the love relationship that I’m already in.

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