What I can’t do as a photographer

This entry is about a short summary that I gave at church about my experience serving in Exuma this year:

This was my third time serving in Exuma.  Each of the trips have been different, and God has done something new each trip.  This year I was the OFFICIAL trip photographer, which is why I wasn’t in a lot of the pictures [in the video that was just shown].  I am a photography major, after all.  Even though I took some pictures that I really love and also feel communicate our trip very well, the greatest parts of the trip couldn’t be photographed.

What I mean is, I couldn’t photography what it felt like to lie on the beach at night, hearing the waves crash while looking at the thousands of stars hung in the night sky.

I couldn’t photograph the love that a guy named Harold had in his heart for us simply because we became his friends by playing a game of pool with him.

I couldn’t capture the growth of our own friendships.

I couldn’t photograph the depth of our influence on the kids.

No shutter speed would be long enough to capture all of the memories that are yet to come in the house we painted.

My camera can’t focus on how God worked in any one’s heart that week.

No aperture adjustment could show the adjustments and changes that God has worked in my heart since my first trip to Exuma as a part of His way to equip me for my future.

My camera can take snapshots of people doing the work of God, but it can never fully capture the whole picture.  It cannot document what Jesus meant when He said that He came to give us life, and life to the full.

And for that, I am thankful.

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