I was washing dishes a couple of hours ago when I realized something. I knew that this was going to come, but I didn’t realize how soon it was coming. Even though I technically still have one more semester of college, there are a lot of things that have now become my “last” at college.

Assuming that I don’t spill anything this week (which is a pretty safe assumption), I will never do laundry on a college campus again. When I got my laundry from the laundry room this evening, it was for the last time.

Today was the last day of my Saturday class. I’m done with my elective classes. I’m done with Saturday classes (not complaining).

The thing that really got to me and is making me tear up even now as I write this is that tomorrow is my last fellowship dinner with the Christian group on campus that I’m a part of. With the exception of the first week freshman year when I didn’t know where to catch the van ride, I have missed very few of these dinners. Freshman year, it was actually 268 Worship (church) at Lakeside and then dinner afterward. I still remember singing songs at 268 and some of P. Ray’s messages (and no, I don’t remember them because I wrote them down. I think I took some notes, but not extensively like I do now). The fall semester was devoted to going through a series called Habitudes. I got a magnet from that that I still hang in my room.

The spring semester was the end of 268 Worship, and I think that Ray talked through a series about who Jesus is. It was at the last 268 Worship night that Michael played a new song, a song that has changed my life in countless ways–“Mighty to Save”. 268 Worship gave way to fellowship dinners, and there are many great God times and memories associated with these dinners.

Tomorrow is my last one. I can’t believe it. I can still remember sitting in Lakeside as a freshman, and now I am about to enter into a new stage of life.

I know that God has great plans for me after Stockton, and I’m genuinely excited about them. Even so, there is a part of me that is a little bit hesitant and a little bit unsure, just like I was when I came to college in the first place.

All of this school year, I have known that it was full of “lasts,” but I never realized they would come so soon.

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