Long airport lines

Today is one of those days when circumstances force you to fully trust God.

We were supposed to be flying to and arriving in Exuma today to serve. When we got to the airport (which is a small airport and rarely is crowded) and saw a TON of people, it wasn’t a good sign. Our flight got canceled, and they couldn’t put us on another flight until Tuesday because all of the flights were overbooked as it was due to spring break. We were going to drive to Florida and get a flight out of Florida, except the drive back would have been too much when we’re completely spent as it is. In addition, they couldn’t even guarantee that once we got to Florida that there would be an available flight for us. Our team had a meeting at lunch time (our original flight was supposed to leave at 7 am, mind you) where we were told that there was a VERY real possibility that we wouldn’t be able to get there at all. We discussed a couple of alternative ideas–staying at school and serving locally or going to Exuma in May right after school got out. During all of this, we had one last option for a flight. Kate was on hold for a very long time, so we couldn’t make any decisions at that point.

While we waited for any news, I kept seeking God and just trying to calm down. At one point, my roommate and I talked about it for a little bit. I was practically on the point of just bawling my eyes out. As the afternoon wore on, the desire to cry faded away and a confidence/hope/contentment surrounded my heart.

I got a text at 3:40 pm that had great news–our last option for a flight worked out! Praise God! Once I told my roomie and her boyfriend and hugged my roomie, I went into my room and jumped up and down like crazy. =]

Our flight is on Monday out of JFK (which means a LONG drive), and we will be staying until Saturday. This trip is already much different than our previous trips. PLEASE keep praying.

This semester has just been insane with flights and mission trips/big God-events:

  • Not being able to go to Haiti
  • The earthquake in Haiti making it hard for Pastor Ray to get back
  • Our travel difficulties for Passion 2010 (same airport, different airline)
  • This flight getting canceled and all of the related events that happened today.

It just means that God is doing CRAZY amazing HUGE things.

When we were still in the airport, I jokingly said to Cherie (who was at Passion 2010) that her, Frankie, and myself should stop traveling together to big God-events.  =D

Even so, through all of this,

Our God is greater

Our God is stronger

God You are higher than any other

Our God is Healer

Awesome in power

Our God

Our God

And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?

And if our God is with us, then what could stand against?

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