Passion 2010–day 4 (final day)

This will be a shorter entry, as the final day of Passion was not a full day–it was just a morning session.
Pre-Main Session
Instead of going to community group, a small group of us from SCF headed down to the Kneel area and just had individual quiet time with God.

have a seat.

It was great to just be able to get away from everyone and all the noise and just focus on God, the whole reason we were at Passion. I love finding (or being told about) “God-spots”, especially the ones right out in the open. I wrote a few things in my journal during this time, but the one that stood out (and I think had been on my heart earlier during Passion) was

Lord, I don’t want to walk ahead of You or behind You–I want to be with You every step of my life. Let my heart beat with Yours–not a second too soon or a second too long

God also showed me and reminded me that everything was all about Him, and that my life has nothing to do with me.

Main Session
Our group got seats on the floor, but I went up front during worship (big surprise). Once I was up front, Meg came and got me so we could take a group picture. She made sure to get the guys around me to save my spot for when I came back =]

Once the photo was done, I was back up front for worship.
Kristian Stanfill
Chris Tomlin

After the first time of worship, I went back with our group and stayed there for the rest of the session.

Louie spoke that morning, but before he spoke (I think–I forget the exact sequence of events), he gave us an update on the Do Something Now causes.
I could summarize it, but Louie summarized it very well in this entry on the Passion blog. Open a new tab, and go read it. If you don’t get chills or a sense of awe towards God, keep reading it until you do. Our God is GREATER.

After Passion, I wrote about this in my journal:

Job 42:5
“My ears had heard of You, but now my eyes have seen You.”

There’s a big difference between hearing about God and seeing God actively at work. I know I keep coming back to this, but the most recent example of this in my life is at Passion 2010; more specifically, Do Something Now. I had heard of God providing in huge ways for Passion in the past, but being a part of it and hearing first hand how God provided is totally different–we actively saw God at work. Yes, technically, I did donate online to the WT [World Tour–what Passion did over the summer of 2008] and did pray for the tour, being there in person and having your jaw drop and keep dropping and your eyes simultaneously fill with tears and grow larger with awe is a totally different experience.


This is one thing that I have shared with EVERY single person who has asked about Passion. Not everyone understands about God, but people understand money. People understand that college kids are “poor.” The fact that that much money was given shows God to those who don’t necessarily understand God simply because of who we are–“poor” college kids.

Louie’s message was about Philippians 2, specifically where it says in verse 11,

and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,
to the glory of God the Father.

Louie summarized and brought together everything from the four days of Passion. He explained about awakening to the GLORY OF GOD.

One particular example that I enjoyed was Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. Louie talked about how we watch the show for an hour for that one moment when they “MOVE THAT BUS!” and we see the house. For those who watch the show, they know that as the bus is moved, the cameras don’t go to the house. The cameras show the reactions of the family. We see the house through the family’s reactions. We see that something awesome is over there. That is what stars (verse 12) do. Louie told us that the cameras are on our faces now and when we go back to our campus, our apartment, our dorm, our home, our world. If we are truly awakened to God, people will see it in our faces. People will see the love, power, and glory of God because of our reaction when we see Him.

I pray that that can truthfully be said about me.

The session closed with Louie asking people to stand–people who were awakened to different aspects of God. As I looked around Philips Arena, MOST of the people were standing by the end. I stood up because I had been fully awakened to the glory of God. I also raised my hand for a second description, but I honestly can’t remember it now.

There was some more worship, but I stayed with SCF this time. We closed with Kristian Stanfill leading “The Stand.” At that moment, no other song could have been more perfect. I had had that song on my heart since the night before, when we literally stood in and under the Word of God. It also was the closest thing to a summary of what my heart was feeling. I knew we weren’t supposed to take video, but at that point, I just had to record part of the song. I don’t think anyone at Passion will get mad at me for recording less than 30 seconds of a song that was speaking SO powerfully to me over the course of those four days.

We then sang “The Glory of our King” with Matt Redman leading. After that, we sang a new song by Chris, “Our God is Greater”

Passion 2010 ended with us singing Chris Tomlin’s new song, “Awakening.” The cool part was when they displayed the worship art from the students on the screen.

Traveling Home
Even though we didn’t want to leave, before we knew it, we were at the Atlanta airport, getting ready to come back to New Jersey.
Meg (who, in case you couldn’t tell through all of this) rocks. She spotted Joel Houston (yes, THAT Joel Houston, the lead singer of Hillsong United) in the airport. At first, I didn’t see him, but once I turned a corner, I saw him. I had my camera handy and the encouragement of my group behind me (practically shouting) as I quickly walked up to him and with suchconfidence (almost “out of character”) politely asked him, by name, for a picture. He was very nice and willing. I handed my camera over to Meg and she snapped the photo for me:
Joel Houston

=D SO exciting. First Jeremy Cowart, now Joel Houston?! =]

As we went through security, we saw that Joel was talking to Justin, from our group for a very long time. Turns out, they were talking about surfing and had a genuine conversation. =]

Our travel home was pretty uneventful, especially considering our troubles coming down to Atlanta. We flew home to NJ during a gorgeous sunset, which was one of Steph’s life dreams.


Four days of God showing me who He really is and completely blowing my expectations, hopes, and dreams. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
This is my awakening.

Passion: Awakening (the songs from Passion 2010) releases March 9th. To pre-order, go here. These songs give a fuller picture of how God moved in the hearts of 22,000+ over the course of four days in Atlanta, GA.

Passion is holding a live link for Passion 2011 on March 9th. Details can be found here.

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