Passion 2010–Day 3 (part 1)

Morning Session–Andy Stanley

I tried to get up early enough to get to community group on time (it started at 9).  9 am rolled around, and I was up, but still in the shower.  Meg asked me if I was going to go to community group, since others in 0ur group wanted to head over.  My shower had just started, so I told her to go ahead, I would meet up with them later, since I obviously wasn’t going to make it on time.  I stopped rushing so much in the shower and took my time.  After my shower, I got ready and walked over to the food court at the CNN center for breakfast.  As I was walking, I was praying, asking God how to take the knowledge that He was showing me and apply it to my life once I got back home and back in certain situations.  I’m not sure if it was while I was walking or while I ate breakfast, but I felt God telling me, “Center.”  I couldn’t get Charlie Hall’s song, “Center,” out of my head.

I finally got to the CNN Center (it wasn’t really that far away, but I was taking my time getting there) and try to decide where to eat for breakfast.  Once I saw all of the options, Chik-Fil-A was the obvious choice.  I WAS in Atlanta, after all.  My Chik-Fil-A sandwich alone was worth  missing community group.  As I finished up, I got in line to enter Phillips, where our main session was.  At first, there were only a couple of lines, but then they opened up more lines and I breezed right through and headed straight to the floor.  I had no qualms about the floor, since I literally only had my pocket-size point and shoot camera on me.  I wasn’t going to take any chances.  I get to the floor and find out that we’re allowed to sit on the floor during the talk, and since I’m early enough, I find a spot front row and center.  =]

Charlie Hall performed our morning worship set.

During his set, one song that was played made my heart very happy:
God is amazing.

Between the worship and the speaking, Louie came on stage to share a few things.
Louie was going to read from Colossians 1 (what we had been studying in our community groups) from the Bible of the Shatikha people in SE Asia. This is what they had–nothing. MANY people groups are without Scripture translations.

However, the Shatikha people are on their way to getting some Scripture in their native tongue due to the Do Something Now efforts of those students who attended Passion 2010.

Louie also continued the story of Hannah, a girl who is a missionary in Mali to the Bozo people. She was first talked about and prayed for during the Live Link for Passion 2010. Louie read an email from Hannah that he had received that day. In the email, Hannah mentioned how she “was taking a break to pray for Passion 2010.” I also wrote down in my notebook that she had written and prayed that “God’s beauty is radiated among the college students in Atlanta.” We got into prayer triangles and prayed for Hannah. Standing there and hearing the prayers of an entire arena going up to God was simply amazing. (We also prayed in the prayer triangles the night of the FEE concert, but this time for the other people in our triangles.) Outside of Passion, I’ve never experienced prayer like that, with everyone praying out loud and at once. I might have experienced it a couple of times on a much smaller scale on campus, but hearing thousands of people pray at once–just….wow.

andy stanley
Andy Stanley spoke about the importance of knowing who we are before we figure out what we’re going to do with our lives. Andy challenged us to think about how we would want our lives defined at our funeral, and to narrow it down to a few (or however many) words/attributes to live our lives by. I took the time after Passion to think about and pray over these words, and I’m getting close to having a finished list.

Breakout session–Francis Chan, “Holy Suffering”

In short, Francis talked about how the New Testament is about suffering and being willing to suffer, and wanting to suffer.  He talked about Philippians 3:10, which says

I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death

The one thing that stood out to me during this session was when Francis asked us,

Why would you need a Comforter if you’re comfortable?

That question is still changing the way I think and also challenging me.

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