Promises fulfilled

09 summarized
2009 has been quite a year, to be honest–both difficult and amazing.

While I am sure that I had read the verse over the rainbow before (2 Corinthians 1:20), I really remember it because of camp this summer. My last two weeks of camp, I was in overnight camp, which meant I got to go to counselor meetings in the morning, which just were a mini worship service/ sermon for us. This verse was emphasized a LOT, since the sermons were all about the promises of God. I heard it so much, and as a result, it got stuck in my head.

Every year, I like to look back and see where God has brought me/done in my life in the last year. I tried to literally read through all of my journal entries from this past year, but that proved to be a task too daunting to achieve–MANY things happened this year.

I helped with a retreat for high schoolers.
God revealed promises to me.
Pop-Pop was unexpectedly called Home by God.
I saw this rainbow in Exuma, and knew it would all be OK.
God showed a friend and myself Himself through a bird in Exuma.
My cousin’s wife gave birth to their son, who only lived for two weeks.
I got the job at camp.
Camp was amazing, but was also very, VERY challenging at times.
Family drama ensued.
Friends were baptized.
I was reminded of other promises from God.
I learned freedom.

And those are only a few things. Honestly, I’m blown away by all that God has done in 2009, and I only got through entries in my journal up to February.

Even so, God’s promises never fail. All of God’s promises are found in Him.

Even though there were many, many times when life felt simply…overwhelming, God’s strength pulled me through.

One day at camp in particular, a friend of mine told me perhaps the ten wisest words that I’ve ever heard (because it came from God). He told me, “It just means God knows that you can handle it.”

I’m thankful that the promises of God are based in His unfailing love. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be promises. If they weren’t, we couldn’t base our trust on them.

I believe in the promises of God. More importantly are the last two words of that verse–HIS GLORY.

It is because of the source of the promises (God) that we praise God; when we praise God, it is for His glory, and His glory alone.

2009 definitely had highs and lows, but through it all, God is here.

2010 will start out wonderfully:
Friday: Take down tree
Saturday: LEAVE FOR PASSION TWENTY TEN !!! =] =] =]

Passion Twenty Ten

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