Leadership Challenges

Leadership is challenging.

This semester, more than any other, I’ve stepped up my leadership role in SCF in addition to my leadership in CRC. While the things that I am leading are good and directly influence the lives of others and, more importantly, their relationships with God, there is a point where it just is too much. Earlier in the semester, before I stepped up, I was feeling overwhelmed with my leadership responsibilities and schoolwork and decided to try to be involved with less. I tried, and instead of doing less, I stepped up to do more.

The main reason that I am so overwhelmed with everything is the fact that because of my schoolwork and leadership responsibilities, I have extremely shortchanged myself in my own relationship with God. 1 Timothy 4:12, a verse that is close to my heart, challenges young believers to be an example for everyone else. Living a life as an example includes my walk with God. I remember freshman year of college, the Christian group that I’m involved with studied a book called Habitudes. One image from that study was the image of a starving baker–one who feeds others, is surrounded by food, yet forgets to make sure that they have food because they are so focused on the others. That describes me right now. My current set-up and habits are NOT working. I HAVE to make a change next semester, for my sanity’s sake and for the sake of my relationship with God.

Pete Wilson blogged about a similar issue today. Read it here.

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