Hillsong United

Tuesday night, a few people from SCF headed up to Ocean Grove to see Hillsong United in concert. I hadn’t seen Hillsong in concert before, but I had wanted to see a Hillsong concert ever sine I first heard of Hillsong. In addition, a couple of summers when Caitie came back from her missions trip to Nicaragua, she changed her Myspace profile song to “Tomalo,” the Spanish version of “Take It All.” I fell in love with the Spanish version right away. I found a video of it on YouTube with the lyrics in the description, so I watched it over and over until I knew just about the whole thing in Spanish. From the first time that I heard it, I put it on my life-long “to do” list to sing “Tomalo” in concert at the top of my lungs.

Once we got into the venue, my excitement started to build. It was GA (general admission), so by the time we got there, most of the good seats were taken already. After a few minutes of figuring out where I was going to sit, I asked Kate if she would hold my stuff because I was going to go up front. She said she would hold my purse for me. I went up front, and was literally right next to the stage when we were told that we couldn’t stand there and that we had to keep the aisles clear. So I went back to my seat. Kate had moved to the balcony, so I followed suit. Once the announcements were over, people rushed the stage. I asked Kate again if she wouldn’t mind holding my stuff. She kindly agreed and I went down to brave the crowd.  My experience in crowds at concerts rewarded me with a spot about an arm’s length from the stage, with only one person in front of me. Yeah!

Even though I didn’t know all of the songs, it was an amazing night. Highlights included:
Seeing Brazilian people in the crowd carrying their flags. Louie had mentioned this on the Passion podcast for a couple of cities, but I don’t think that I had really seen this in action or if I had before, I didn’t really understand it.
People in the crowd starting chants of “Jesus!” and “Jesu!” Again, this reminded me of the Passion podcast, specifically of the one from Sao Paulo, I believe where the students just started shouting the name of Jesus. I got both of them recorded, which makes me happy.
Take It All: Once I realized what song it was, I freaked out. During the course of the song, I called Caitie (even though she probably couldn’t hear the music well), recorded it on both of my cameras on video, jumped up and down, screamed it in English, screamed it in Spanish, couldn’t stop smiling, and realized that I was achieving a lifetime goal and was able to take in the moment and the emotions. Explaining those emotions is much harder than feeling them. The closest that I could get was the sense of a huge accomplishment. 😀
Mighty to Save: The whole night was powerful, amazing, inspiring, and encouraging, but the few minutes when we sang “Mighty to Save” were some of the best moments of the night for me. To have been able to sing and hear this song, the song that has had one of the biggest impacts on my life, by Hillsong, the people who wrote the song and made it so well known was simply perfect. I can still remember the exact room I was in the first time that I heard this song (for those who care, the last 268 Worship at SCF. Michael led for the last time). God has used this song to change my heart and my life in so many ways. It has gotten to the point where a friend of mine once said that I’m “obsessed with that song.” I can’t help it—that song is a powerful, life-changing song. I could gush about this song forever, but I’ll just stop here.
Hosanna: A similar feeling as with “Mighty to Save” and “Inside Out.” Passion DC, Exuma last year, SCF this year, Exuma this year, AC, and so much more. Again, to have been able to hear this by HILLSONG was simply perfect.
Desert Song: I have lived this song out and know it to be true, so it is close to my heart.
Shout Unto God: Already an awesome song, I personally thought how they placed this into the set was perfect. It was right after a song about bringing the Light of Christ to those who are in the darkness—those who do not know Christ—people we know and love. Also, the feeling and sound of hearing that many people shouting for God never fails to give me goosebumps and make me smile. God’s amazing. 😀
“Hold the Universe”: On the ride up, John was debating this lyric because he heard it wrong. As soon as it came on, I thought of our discussion and knew that this was the solution to his problem. When we got back into the van, one of the first things he brought up was this, and Kate said that she also thought of John during that song.
All I Need Is You: I didn’t know this song completely going into the concert, but I did know part of it. Hearing this, seeing the words, and hearing the whole auditorium singing this made me fall in love with this song. On a deeper level, more than just the physical experience, it hit me on a spiritual level because I really feel that God is trying to show me my need of depending solely on Him for everything and not on my own strength or the strength of others.
Inside Out: One of the songs that accurately describes the cry of my heart. I have thought so ever since I first heard this song. There is never a “bad experience” singing this song. Amazing in this context.
Message: I thought it was good. I wish I could say something profound or deep about it, but to be honest, because I was unable to write any of it down, I forget most of what was said. I do remember that we were challenged to become vessels of change and to bring Heaven to earth.
Songs didn’t know: There were a good number of songs that I didn’t know, but for those songs, I did take some pictures, but for the most part, I tried to see the lyrics to get a feel for the song. Granted, I couldn’t always see the lyrics clearly from where I was standing and towards the end, I couldn’t really hear the music, but for the most part, it was a good way to be still and know God as God. Hillsong lyrics are always powerful and God-centered.
Marcelle: Marcelle was at the concert, but I knew that. We were able to meet up at the end. That was fun. By the way, I know it sounds as if it has been forever since I last saw her, which is definitely not true. I just saw her Sunday.
DaEun: DaEun texted me during the show. She was there too! YAY! That made the 3rd concert we’ve been to together, and Passion Twenty Ten will make 4. I love my roomie. 😀
Church unified: This is one thing that I love about concerts and conferences—followers of God, united together under one roof for a common cause, forgetting about any differences we have.
God’s moving in the NE & all over the world (Passion!!!)
Fake exit: They didn’t fool me at all, thanks to the many other concerts I’ve been to with fake exits.
Guitar pick : At the end, a flurry of arms reached toward Jad (guitarist) for picks. My hand was one of them. Jad handed me one of his picks. First time I’ve gotten anything from the artists while on stage! Woohoo!

It was a great nite. 😀

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