Add it to my resumé…

I’m officially a camp counselor!
I’m officially the webmaster and web designer for my church!

I’m incrediblythankful and excited for both opportunities to serve both God and others.

I wish I had something amazing to write here, but I’ve just been living life and enjoying the only true break that I get this summer-the month of May and the 1st half of June. I’ve already been down the shore once, and I’m going to NYC on Saturday for photos for senior project.

Speaking of senior project, I actually had a pre-req that I didn’t know about and HAVE to take that before senior project. So instead of taking senior project in the fall, I have to take my pre-req in the fall, senior project 1 in the spring, and senior project 2 the following fall–which means I’ll be graduating a semester later. It is frustrating, but at the same time, I can see God’s hand in it-I have more time to focus on my work, which means that I can make it better. That last semester, my plan is to work part time and do school at the same time. Working=more money=I can start to pay off my loans=I can go into full-time missionary work sooner. I’m not saying it will happen right away, even though I want it to.

Ministry in AC is going swell. God provides. God is amazing. 🙂

AC boards

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