Baby Jack update

Again, from Shannon’s sister Tara:

Monday, May 4, 2009
Monday Night Updates

baby jack
We just got back from the hospital about 30 minutes ago. While we were there, Jack started peeing!! Hallelujah 🙂 The more urine he’s passing the better! It indicates kidney function, and that is his most critical need right now. George gave us some notes he had taken from a meeting with the doctor outlining Jack’s needs like this:

#1 Priority: Kidney function. Over the next 24-48 hours Jack’s kidney function NEEDS to start improving. This is absolutely vital for his survival. The fact that he was passing urine when we were there is an excellent sign, but there still needs to be a significant increase in the amount he’s passing to show real improvement.

#2 Priority: Heart/oxygen levels. He needs to be able to get adequate oxygen to his lungs and the valve in his heart needs to close. So far, they have been able to gradually decrease the amount of oxygen he’s receiving from his ventilator. This is a good sign, but we still need to see continued improvement.

#3 Priority: Brain function. As we’ve been saying, doctors have no idea what damage there is or the extent of the damage due to swelling and lack of oxygen. Once his kidneys and oxygen level improve, they will be able to learn more about the brain. He needs an MRI done on his brain to show the possible damage. Right now he is sedated because he needs to be still and sleeping while on the ventilator. Once the kidney function and oxygen levels begin to improve and he is not so sedated, we’ll be able to watch for “normal” baby things like crying, wanting to eat and squeezing fingers to indicate brain function.

As we’ve been saying recently, the kidneys are the most important prayer need right now. Everything else is dependent on the kidney function. So pray specifically for the pee to keep coming!! As my mom’s friend said, it’s the “golden elixir of life”!!

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