What I won’t be doing when I turn 21.

I become a fully legal adult in two weeks. A friend of mine suggested that to celebrate, we go to a casino in Atlantic City.

I can’t go gambling in AC.

I’m not saying this because I’m making a big deal about gambling. I’m saying this because I can’t go gambling in AC, knowing that literally right outside of the casino doors are homeless people. People who could use this money much more than I could. People whom the world shuns and forgets. Some of my friends and I have gone down to AC the past couple of weeks to just serve the homeless people there–because we’re following the example of Christ. We’ve become friends with them. Today when we were in AC, a few of us stepped inside of a casino to go to the bathroom. As we walked out, I looked around. Obviously, we had to walk past people gambling. I don’t want to generalize, and I know that each person in that casino was there for a slightly different reason–their own reason. When we got closer to the doors, I could see outside–I could see people in great need, and yet I was in the midst of people with excess money, playing a game that they know that they probably won’t win, just because of the possibility of more money. It made me sick; it made me want to cry.

No casinos for me, especially in Atlantic City.

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One thought on “What I won’t be doing when I turn 21.

  1. I don’t blame you! I wouldn’t have wanted to do that on my 21st birthday either! I hope you can find something more appropriate to do! Happy early birthday, 21 is a fun age. 🙂

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