God’s so cool!

This has been such an AMAZING weekend.
Friday: I was able to have some great God-time in the morning. After, I went out and did errands (grocery shopping, etc. I did splurge for possibly the last time in awhile and got a couple of things at Old Navy.) Friday was the day that I had arranged with Jeff Goins from Adventures in Missions to call him. I called him, he didn’t pick up, so I left a voicemail. Of course, he called back when I was eating dinner. Graciously, Jeff let me call him back once I was done eating. Long story short, we chatted about missions and writing (two of the best things in the world, not counting photography =] ). It was a good conversation, but I haven’t had the chance to really let all that he said sink in yet. (That’s why I took notes, haha.) After our conversation, I called Mom and just talked about life for awhile.

Saturday: I worked, did a ton of homework at work, and then went to my friend’s apartment to hang out. We had dinner, talked, watched one and a half movies, walked to the beach, talked some more, and were both encouraged by the other. It was a great time, until I woke up this morning for church and realized that I had gone to bed around 2 am and I didn’t get enough sleep.

Sunday: Even though it took me longer than usual to get out of bed and I was rushing to get ready, today has been a great day. Church was good. After church, I asked our pastor if we were going to do anything else at dinner tonight (our Christian group on campus meets at his house on Sunday nights for dinner, worship outside when it is warm, and Bible studies). I asked because last night, my friend asked me the same thing. Our pastor then said that sure we would do something else–I would lead a Bible study with my roomie (who was standing right there). At first, I didn’t want to do that, and I told him that. He told me we would be fine. On the ride back to our apartment, I asked my roomie if she wanted to go to the park later (it was 60 some degrees today!). She said yes. When we got to our apartment, I asked if she wanted to go to the park right away or if she wanted a nap first. She opted for a nap. I made myself a quick lunch and started to think about what in the world we could talk about tonight. I went online, and eventually got around to checking on my blog subscriptions. I was reading Jeff’s blog, and clicked on a link to a blog of a guy named Seth Barnes. I looked around, and opened a TON of his entries in new tabs. I sensed a common theme–living for the great call that God has on our lives, and not settling for anything less. That topic resonates with me right now, so I settled in to read them. During my reading of them, I woke my roomie up. She wanted to shower before we went out, so I went back to reading. As we were walking in the park (with another roomie of ours), I told her the general idea that I had for the Bible study. A little while later, when we actually sat down to work on the study, I asked her if she had any idea how to start. We then sat in silence for a few minutes. She suggested we pray. So we prayed. (Note:I wasn’t especially confident in making a study because my experiences with it in the past haven’t worked out too well). We then hashed out a rough plan, including topics we wanted to touch on and a couple of verses. Once we were satisfied we had a grasp on it, we called it a day and eventually made our way back to my car. (Yes we stopped to play a little in the playground).

When it was time for our study, we prayed with the group and then launched into the discussion. Over the course of it all, literally everything we wanted to touch on was talked about–and we didn’t bring those topics up–the group did! We also at one point shared how we all ended up at this college. Crazy stuff there as well. I don’t know about my roomie, but I could just feel God with us. At the end, the group said that we did a good job, but we didn’t do anything. God did it all. =]

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One thought on “God’s so cool!

  1. it was good talking to you, susan!

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