Everyday Ordinary

Don’t laugh at me, but this semester is a weird one for me–I have actual classes, not studio classes, and it is a big adjustment to actually have to take notes, read, study, take quizzes, and take tests. Even though last semester I had three studio classes and a 4000 level writing class (and yes, it was overwhelming at times), it wasn’t that bad for me. Knowing that I won’t have a studio art class until next semester is weird for me. I still have one art class, Art History 2, and I do enjoy that class. Of my four classes, I enjoy two and two are OK, but I definitely don’t hate them. I LOVE my writing class and also my art history class.

My computer crashed on Friday, and I took it to get fixed yesterday.

I’m using the computer labs while I wait. I’m actually in them a lot, since one of my classes is an online class.

Without my computer, I had time to organize my entire half of the room, to write a letter, to do a few things that I had been putting off, and to get ahead on my homework. My roomie joked that next time my half of the room gets messy, she should just take away part of my computer to make me clean. Hahaha.

I picked up two more hours a week at work, so now I’m working a whole SEVEN hours a week.

I hate buying textbooks.

I have an interview tomorrow for a video for our annual Scholarship Gala. Apparently, I was nominated for this by someone in the college community. I have absolutely no idea how I was nominated, but it is a nice surprise.

Even though I’m pleasantly surprised by this opportunity, I was notified about it by Facebook by someone who told me to e-mail someone else if I was interested. That, in my mind, is really unprofessional.

I’m sick of snow. Granted, we haven’t had a lot, but it’s been enough.

I wish a couple of people would answer their e-mails. It’s kind of hard to make decisions for a club if the adviser doesn’t even read the e-mails.

I can’t wait for Exuma. 🙂

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