Keswick–BE BRAVE!!!


Back in October, I was asked to join Shawn’s team. As soon as I read his e-mail on facebook about it, I was already there in my heart. The only possible thing I could say was, “YES! I’m SO excited to do this!” After months of preparation passed, the weekend was finally here. Shawn was a little late in picking me up, but once he got to my house, we were on our way. Shawn admitted that he was nervous on the way up. If I had any nervousness in my body, I was unaware of it because it had morphed into excitement. We arrived and put our things in our rooms. Shawn then led our team (minus DaEun, since she had to come later) on a tour of Keswick.

Okay, change of pace. I’m going to list what was a challenge for me, what I learned, and the highlights of the weekend, since it is easier that way.
*Helping to lead worship–I was in choir in 5th-7th grades, but hadn’t sung in front of anyone since then. Those years were also different because of the volume of people singing. This weekend, it was only a few of us singing. Totally different. I was nervous Friday night because I didn’t know what to expect, since I was actually a worship leader for once.
*Friday’s night devotion group–Even though I had the best devotional room (yeah!), this time was a challenge: getting the kids to listen to me, to respect me, and to what I asked them. It’s not that they were bad, it’s just that we had to get used to each other. Also, I’ve never lead a group that large on my own before, so I didn’t really know what to do.
*Giving my testimony–if you listened to it, you know why. I don’t do public speaking well. :p
What I learned:
*I know this sounds cliche, but I learned to be courageous. I can’t let fear hold me back from doing what God wants me to do. When He tells me to do something, I just have to do it!
*I learned motions/sound effects to “Trading My Sorrows,” “Days of Elijah,” and “You Are Holy (Prince of Peace”
* I learned how amazing it is to go off and find a quiet spot to pray.
* I learned how out of shape I was during the soccer tournament.
*I learned to be flexible-things don’t always go as planned.
* I learned that I can do what I thought I couldn’t do.
*Leading worship–once I got used to it, it was a blast! Also, our voices harmonized really well.
*Not messing up my testimony too badly.
*Making a ton of new friends
*Seeing kids’ lives transformed by Jesus
*Megan’s late night conversation
*How much closer our team got
*Giving God all of the glory for this weekend

I’m sure I forgot a lot, but it was an amazing weekend!

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