A new beginning…

Even though it isn’t 2009 yet, I wanted to have a new blog. While I used to think it was silly that someone could “outgrow” a blog that they themselves wrote, I’m starting to understand where that idea came from. At the moment, I’m not sure if I’m going to stick with WordPress–I need to mess around with the customizing and stuff to see. So far, it seems to be a bit more customizable than Blogger, but I’ll see. I’ve felt as if I should try to consolidate stuff as of late, including my blogs. Right now, I have my xanga, my livejournals, my Exuma (missions) blog, and this blog. Having that many blogs is just making my life that more filled with extraneous stuff. Consolidating blogs just makes sense. I’m going to save my old blogs, so I can see where I have come from and how the situations of my past formed the person who I am today. I’m not going to write a ton, since I’m not settled on WordPress for sure…yet.

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